A report on understanding the needs of older people and how to support their social inclusion

The report will include the policies on active aging in all partner countries, present good practices and present the results of the needs of older people. The expected impact is to raise awareness on the aging global population and on the need to look for new innovative ways, approaches to include older people in society.

Available in English, Slovenian, Italian, Finnish and Spanish.

Study of intergenerational learning activities for social inclusion of older people

The study will include information about the benefits that intergenerational and lifelong learning has on social inclusion of older people, and best practices on creative arts for older people.

Summary available in English, Slovenian, Italian, Finnish and Spanish.

Creation POP methodology

The objective of the Creation POP learning methodology is to provide educators and activity providors with a practical guide and toolkit for working with older people in intergenerational groups with the aim of social inclusion, intergenerational learning and exposure of social issues bottom up developed through the use of creative arts.

Available in English, Slovenian, Italian, Finnish and Spanish

Report on participatory theatre, drama and participatory methods in Finland, Slovenia and Spain [EN only] – Download

Creation POP Toolkit

The toolkit will include drama therapy techniques, framework and instructions for conducting workshops, texts on ageism based on real life experiences of persons that will be the basis for creating theater plays, tools to highlight social issues through creative arts and a questionnaire to evaluate gained benefits.

Creation POP platforme

The Creation POP Platforme will be divided into two parts :

  1. The Interactive Toolkit with the support of illustrations, infographics, audio read plays and short demonstrations videos.
  2. The Creation POP Guidebook which will summarise the Creation POP methodology.