About the Project

The Creation-POP project wants to contribute to the greater inclusion and well-being of older people by encouraging and implementing creativity-based intergenerational activities.

Based on current perceptions, intentions, challenges and needs on the issue of well-being of older people, their social inclusion and ageism, we will develop a practical guide to enhance the competences of educators working with older people and a toolkit to conduct creative workshops and to highlight social issues.
We will also conduct workshops to test and evaluate the methodology and toolkit. Finally the Creation POP platform will be created for adult educators and anyone interested in developing creativity-based intergenerational activities.

All project products and actions will be especially designed to provide new, innovative ways of social inclusion for older people through creative arts, to raise awareness among younger generations and among older people about intergenerational learning and activities, to enhance the competences of educators and other adult education staff and to improve the availability of high quality learning opportunities for adults.

These objectives will be pursued through the development of these resources:

Report on understanding the needs of older people and how to support their social inclusion.

Study of intergenerational learning activities for social inclusion of older people.

Creation POP methodology to provide educators and activity facilitators with a practical guide for working with older people in intergenerational groups.

Creation POP Toolkit with drama therapy techniques and instructions for conducting theater workshops to highlight social issues.

Creation POP platform with an interactive toolkit and a Creation POP Guidebook summarising the Creation POP methodology.